Starting with Atmomedia

  • Atmomedia is a social network whose goal is to inform about e-cigarette
  • It is addressed to new vapers and to those who will share their knowledge
  • Only a registration is needed
  • The registration’s goal to Atmomedia is to have registered members so as to avoid any offensive comments and to facilitate the communication among the users of our community
  • Atmomedia guarantees that your personal data will stay safe and will not be sent for advertising purposes without your consent

In more detail

  1. Enter ,register( basic information or detailed information if you want)
  2. You will get mail confirmation of your account,after confirmation you can have access to the website
  3. In the website you will find the following menu:
  • Atmomedia news: In this section, you can communicate with the whole community, write whatever you want about the electronic cigarette, upload links or pictures, make comments and be informed about any advances in electronic cigarette, grade other users’ comments and choose who can see your comments.There is no choice to follow or add any friend in because we are all friends of the electronic cigarette so we all have the same goal: to be informed about e-cigarette.
  • Groups : Every user can create a group and define its features (who can see it,the name of the group,photos, etc). The purpose of the group is the ability of the registered users to write about a specific item for electronic cigarette, for example: in the group called “innokin”, any member will be able to write news and experience from innokin products. Each group will be able to be followed by users interested in the specific topic. The purpose of the group is to make some discussions on specific topics more grouped.
  • Atmoshops: In this section, there is some basic information about all electronic cigarette stores. Search the store that you look for or click the button , choose the distance you want to move in kilometers and the address of your place. Finally, clicking the Search button, all the stores will be shown in the specific distance.
  • Don’t you find the store you want?Click the button and add the shop’s features in order to be in the list.
  • Atmoshops’ map: In this section,a map is presented that includes all the shops. Each shop which is added to the list, it is automatically added on the map,too.
  • Members : In this section,all registered members of the community are shown.Visitors don’t have access to Atmomedia but they can have access to find a shop

4. Atmomedia is a website created by me (a Web Designer) with a lot of love and its aim is to give ideas – knowledge -news – information about the electronic cigarette . if you face any problem with our website, please send me a message or inform us about any ideas that you have and you think that misses from Atmomedia.

Information about Atmomedia

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70 Atmoshops
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